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UT || C o n t r o l. :iconipegasister10:IPegasister10 5 3
UT || Doodles #1. by IPegasister10 UT || Doodles #1. :iconipegasister10:IPegasister10 4 3 *You tell Sans he looks lovely today. || UT/US AU. by IPegasister10 *You tell Sans he looks lovely today. || UT/US AU. :iconipegasister10:IPegasister10 6 7  Let's Party! || FNaF2  by IPegasister10 Let's Party! || FNaF2 :iconipegasister10:IPegasister10 5 2  Funtime Freddy || FNaF : SL  by IPegasister10 Funtime Freddy || FNaF : SL :iconipegasister10:IPegasister10 9 0 *~| Rendom thing I did ||  R A N D O M |~* by IPegasister10 *~| Rendom thing I did || R A N D O M |~* :iconipegasister10:IPegasister10 3 0 *~|| Final Error!Toriel design (maybe) ||~* by IPegasister10 *~|| Final Error!Toriel design (maybe) ||~* :iconipegasister10:IPegasister10 13 4 *~|| Chara. ||~* by IPegasister10 *~|| Chara. ||~* :iconipegasister10:IPegasister10 1 0 *~|| dtae for Diamond-waterfalls ||~* by IPegasister10 *~|| dtae for Diamond-waterfalls ||~* :iconipegasister10:IPegasister10 6 7 UT Waterfall themed OC Skele adopt.:cta/dta open: by IPegasister10 UT Waterfall themed OC Skele adopt.:cta/dta open: :iconipegasister10:IPegasister10 8 14


Lockette: DTA CLOSED - WINNERS ANOUNCED by kawaii-antagonist Lockette: DTA CLOSED - WINNERS ANOUNCED :iconkawaii-antagonist:kawaii-antagonist 144 69 Gaster is fancy (?) by BlaziePanda Gaster is fancy (?) :iconblaziepanda:BlaziePanda 57 41 Ask TWISTEDtALE (CLOSED) by BlaziePanda Ask TWISTEDtALE (CLOSED) :iconblaziepanda:BlaziePanda 122 133 HORRORTALE-Another hand? by BlaziePanda HORRORTALE-Another hand? :iconblaziepanda:BlaziePanda 319 111 Underfell- Sans by BlaziePanda Underfell- Sans :iconblaziepanda:BlaziePanda 123 19 DRAW TO ADOPT! //CLOSED// by nathal32 DRAW TO ADOPT! //CLOSED// :iconnathal32:nathal32 30 25
Tony The Clock x Reader : Time is Important
Tony The Clock x Reader
Song :
Warnings : OOC's , Twisted , Mood Split , Gore
Story is for any Sexuality and Gender

Assignments , Jingles , Group Project , Dance Club , all of this has the same current time and you don’t know which would you want to go first .
You were angered , all of this tick-tocking nonsense is head-aching you .
Then you blocked out .

You woke up finding yourself in a different dimension . Standing in front you was a man that has pale blue skin with arrows in his face . He have a crimson orbs with raven hair that has yellow highlights and seeming to wore a 70’s suit . He has a little amount of beard , might be a british man .
The guy smirked ,” Another poppet ? Might be fun “ he said . You shivered and backed up as he walked towards you . The man giggled and made you look up to him with a finger on
:iconsunnysunshine203:SunnySunshine203 56 11
Wait What? (Pietro x Reader)
Special Conditions: Reader is a mutant/shapeshifter
Word Count: 1.784
Warnings: none
“You can't do that, woman.”
“I am your sister, I can do to you whatever I want.”
“No, you can't.”
“Yes... I can.”
“I'm 12 minutes older than you.”
“Oh, shut it.”
Pietro and Wanda Maximoff glared at each other with narrowed eyes.
It was only a week after the whole Ultron Incident and yet Pietro wanted to go out of bed and run.
Thanks to his Increased Metabolism, he had survived those terrible bullets.
Still, he was Inhuman and not invincible.
Pietro needed to rest to regain his strength.
However, the “older” twin wouldn't listen to his countless doctors.
Of course.
The other Avengers already tried to convince him to stay in bed, but didn't succeed.
There was only one person on this planet who could control Pietro Maximoff.
His twin.
“Pietro, I sweat to god, if you don't lay down
:iconjennarogers02:JennaRogers02 519 73
T'Challa x Reader |Grieve|
You wouldn't deny the excitement in your eyes as you hurried to the bedroom. A soccer ball was grasped tight in your hands, ready to be played with. It was the perfect thing for you to find (W'Kabi gave it to you). A rousing game of football just for the two of you. 
'He's going to love this.' You thought happily, spinning the shiny ball in your hands. 'It'll be just like old times.'
You smiled at the idea of playing keep-away with the king, just as you had so many years ago. Thanks to becoming heroes, the two of you hardly had time to, anymore. But after the heavy losses sustained in the last few weeks, there hadn't been a better time. And so you strode down the hal, pausing at the bedroom door...that was closed.
For a second, your brow furrowed. It was unlike T'Challa to lock the door.
"Maybe he's sleeping." You murmured to yourself, and quietly entered the passcode known by you and W'Kabi. As the door slid open, you peeked inside. "...T'Challa? Are you awake? I wa
:iconcappie-tan:cappie-tan 219 57
Deadpool x Reader |Dead Love|
“So...why do people call him Deadpool?” Her question sent about five hundred thousand groans up in the air, every single one of the Avengers looking at her like she had a serious problem. Tony looked the least impressed, and of course Peter Parker, who was much less pleased with the idea she was bringing up the troublesome mercenary.
And of course, by troublesome, we mean endlessly, hopelessly full of issues he found great joy in inflicting on others. Said others didn’t appreciate it, hence the lack of enthusiasm from the team.
“(Name), I swear to all that is holy- if you don’t stop talking about that wall-breaking freakshow we’re going to throw down.” Clint threatened her, burying himself further in his iSHIELD Pad, or whatever he called it. “He’s not even worth the trouble.”
“I dunno. There’s something about him that seems really interesting, to me.” She responded, looking out the window while her le
:iconcappie-tan:cappie-tan 397 172
Deadpool x Reader Merry Christmas Deadpool
Disclaimer: I do NOT own Deadpool or you the Reader.
Author's Note: Thank you so much :iconRoseAnDarkholm: for the request! You have been wonderful and helped inspire some of my stories, I am so very happy to have been able to sit down and write this for you.
I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas / Happy Holiday and a Wonderful New Year! Thank you all so much for reading and I do very much hope that you enjoyed!

Ah yes, it is that special time of year again~.
Trays of left overs lining the counter with a foil shield from the night, dishes occupying the sink (well in this home that's an often occurrence with the crazy cooking that goes on), a pal light and soft murmur emanating from the television from the holiday movie playing.
Damn shame work took longer than we thought.
But it was fun!
Shedding some of his equipment Deadpool walked into the apartment and quietly closed the door. The smell of the evening's meal wafting through the air and hitting the merc's nostri
:icondark-blossom95:Dark-Blossom95 102 26
Insecurities (Deadpool x Reader)
You stood in the kitchen, fingers wrapped around a hot mug of coffee. Your hair was still tangled with rest and you hadn't changed out of your oversized bed shirt. Steam swirled in your vision, making your sleep riddled eyes blink slowly. Your small apartment was bleary and familiar. The morning was quiet and beginning to fill with the sounds of New York waking up.
Setting your now empty cup on the sink you rested your palms against the counter, exhaling. It felt no matter how much sleep you got you were still tired. Your job had been keeping you busy lately. Today was your first day off in ages. You began to drum your fingers on the counter, the plastic clicking filling the silence of the apartment.
Hands trailed up your waist before wrapping around your waist. You jumped and jerked in the arms before hearing a familiar laugh. "Wade? When did you get back in town." you asked without turning around. He shrugged.
"A couple days ago. I hung out at my apartment for a couple of days to cat
:iconjust-cruising-yo:Just-cruising-yo 121 20
Blood and Tears~Deadpool x Reader~
"What the fuck do you think your doing?!" You scream at the scene before you.
You we're going to your good friend Wade's house to play some video games. What you found in it's place was horrifying in your eyes. What did you see? The "Amazing" Deadpool, head full of bullet holes and a gun in his hand!
He turns to you with the most depressing looks you've ever seen on him. His mouth opens and closes like a fich as he searches for exuses, but eventualy settles for the truth.
"I'm tired _____...." He says in a low tone. "I don't want to this."
"Wade you have to be kidding!" You plead. "Please tell me this is a sick twisted joke!"
"I wish it was babe, but no more jokes from me." The man mumbles.
You slowly make your way to the saddend, insane man. As your hands cup his scared bloody face, tears slip out of both of your eyes. He breaks out into a sob and lays his head on your shoulder. Tears and blood flow onto your shirt, but you could care less.
You look over his shoulder, empty
:iconlucy-makara:LuCy-MaKaRa 276 16
Ouchie! (Deadpool x Reader)
Word count: 2.016 (lol)
Warnings: swearing (of course lol)
It was a cold night as you lay snuggled up with your pillows in your bed, kicking the blanket off of your body.
You were trying to fall asleep for hours now.
As an attempt to relax, you rubbed your cheek on your pillow.
And may or may not thinking about someone... in a special situation...
“Peter... oh, Peter...” you whispered while smiling, hiding your face in your pillow.
Frowning, you buried your face deeper into your pillow.
You were on the brink of falling asleep, dammit!
Slowly, you were drifting off again and-
“(y-----/n-----)! Come on, wake up! I need your help!”
“If I'm pretending I'm not here, he'll go away.” you whispered while suppressing a groan.
“Ugh. (y/n)! Stop having sex dreams!”
Your bloodshot eyes cracked open, one of them almost starting to twitch.
Turning red
:iconjennarogers02:JennaRogers02 389 52
TNE: Nightmare Unleashed- pg44 by BakuKuraRa TNE: Nightmare Unleashed- pg44 :iconbakukurara:BakuKuraRa 121 45
Pick Up Chicks | Human!AU | Sans x Fem!Reader
“Sans, darling, I’m gonna show you how to pick up girls. Pick any girl and I promise you at least a phone number,” Mettaton said, leaning over the tiny table to smile at the shorter man.
Sans shifted uncomfortably, sweating behind his paper mask, and Papyrus seemed to sense his unease. “Metta, maybe you shouldn’t—.”
“Nonsense! Sans, pick a girl!”
Sans cast a cursory glance around the club, noting the fact that every single person he saw was at least an 8 on a 1-10 scale of hotness. He turned back to his brother’s boyfriend and sighed. “they’re all out of my league.”
Mettaton just clicked his tongue. “Alright, I’ll pick. What about short, beautiful, and tatted over there?” he asked, pointing at a woman sitting alone at the bar.
oh god, Sans thought, panicked, he picked the hottest girl here.
She was covered in tattoos from what he could see. Korean writing covered both forearms, flowers
:iconflutefreak14:flutefreak14 173 22


no need to critique this.........................this is already swag BD But girl!how did you made that video?!?what program do you use...




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Hola amigos!Mi nombre es Kamila Urdaneta!Soy de Venezuela,Estado Bolivar!
Hi guys!My Name is Kamila Urdaneta!I'm of Venezuela,Bolivar State!


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